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Care, Warranty and Filling Information for Colibri Butane Lighters. Colibri of London.

Colibri Lighters

Technologically Advanced Butane Lighters

Filling, Care & Warranty Information


* Exercise care in use.
* Ignite lighter away from face and clothing. Be sure flame is out after use.
* Contains flammable gas under pressure.
* Never expose to heat above 120oF (49oC) or to prolonged sunlight.
* Never leave lighter on dashboard or near rear window shelf of any vehicle.
* Never puncture or put in fire.
* Under no circumstances should the user tamper with the lighter, or attempt to adjust
other than by using the controls provided.
* Failure to follow instructions can result in serious personal injury.
These simple steps will help ensure consistent and reliable service.


WARNING! Follow these important points when refilling or bleeding tank.
Perform only in well ventilated area.
Never attempt near heat source, sparks or flame.
No smoking!
Never attempt to ignite the lighter.
Be sure sparking system cannot be operated.
Keep lighter cap closed (if applicable).
Take precautionary measures against static discharges.
Be sure to read warnings on the butane refill canister.
Set flame adjustment near (-) lowest position.
Remove filler valve cover (if applicable).

1. Set flame adjustment near (-) lowest position.
2. Remove filler valve cover (if applicable).
3. All air must be removed from gas tank in order to fill to maximum capacity.
4. Fill with lighter in an upside-down position.
5. Put nozzle tip directly on valve opening, and press down firmly for 4-5 seconds.
6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 if necessary. Butane spray-back may occur with some lighters
when full. If the lighter is not equipped with a gas viewing hole, use the following steps
to ensure the gas tank is full:
a. Hold lighter in an upright position.
b. Depress the filler valve with a ball point pen or small screwdriver until hissing stops.


MECHANISM – Avoid carrying lighter in an area susceptible to lint and dust. A clean lighter will operate more efficiently. It is recommended that compressed air be used periodically to keep the lighter free of dirt and carbon build-up. Never move the electrode (sparking wire) on an Electro-Quartz lighter, as this would cause misfires.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to use Colibri premium butane, and be instructed how to refill properly. Colibri premium butane is specifically designed for Colibri lighters. The canister is pressurized at 45 psi, and is the cleanest available. Use of other brands of butane with unknown pressures and levels of contamination will clog the butane feeding system, and affect the performance of the lighter.

FINISH – Because Colibri cannot control how a lighter is carried and used, the finish of a lighter is not covered under warranty. To preserve the finish, do not carry with coins or keys, as they will scratch the outer  surface. Clean the outer surface using only a soft, clean dry cloth.
Colibri lighters carry a one-year limited repair service warranty. This limited warranty covers mechanical parts only and excludes damage resulting from accident, misuse, tampering or abuse. The outer case finish is not covered by this warranty.

For Warranty Service:
1. All warranty repairs must have properly filled-out warranty coupon or dated sales receipt.
2. Out-of-warranty repairs are billed accordingly. Estimates available upon request.
Exchange offers require pre-approval.
3. Clearly print name and address, and enclose inside of package with lighter(s).
4. Enclose $7.50 for shipping and handling.

Shipping Instructions:
1. Bleed the tank. Do not ship the lighter with gas.
2. Place lighter in original gift box, and return in a sturdy cardboard outer box.
3. Insure package with carrier and send to:

Colibri Service DepartmentColibri Service Department
25 Fairmount Avenue25 Fairmount Avenue
East Providence, RI 02914East Providence, RI 02914
Phone: 401-943-1500Phone: 401-943-1500

NOTE: Failure to follow shipping instructions may cause delays beyond Colibri's control.
If you have any further questions about the use and care of Colibri lighters, please call
Colibri Service Center at 800-551-1351.

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Go To Colibri Lighters Contents Page. Care, Warranty and Filling Information for Colibri Butane Lighters. Colibri of London.
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